Do you have guests coming to your home and you are in the dilemma of what to cook? Does your mind also sometimes go blank thinking about what to make for dinner knowing that you have guests coming and joining you.

The human mind has its own complications and it’s really hard to understand. It can work flawlessly on some days while on others it may look like it’s on the strike. On good days you may be able to decide even on really complex things in just a few seconds while on bad days you can’t decide on really simple things no matter how hard you try to think or how much thought you are putting into it.

Now suppose if on a bad day when your brain is not working and you have guests who arrive suddenly for dinner, then you go completely blank and not able to think what to make for them this may be due to the following reasons.

Performance pressure

It is one of the reasons why you can’t decide what to go for. The guests are coming for dinner, and you want to impress them. Maybe it’s a client who would like to discuss things over dinner and you want to impress them. In that case your dinner plays a very important part on the first impression that you are going to have on the client.

This performance pressure can trick you into getting nervous and messing up even the simplest of dishes.

When you are under such pressure and can’t decide what to cook, and your brain is not in your favour, then you can go for a random number generator that will help you decide what your guests will be eating for dinner.

Sudden Arrival

Another reason why you can’t decide what to cook is due to the suddenness of the move. You’re planning to order dinner for yourself and suddenly you get the news that guests are coming over. Now you can’t serve them ordered food and you have to cook it yourself.

This sadness can build up the pressure and you can’t decide what you are going to cook. You may not be thinking clearly, and this situation could have been avoided if they would have informed you a day prior.

Well, the damage has been done and you can’t just serve anything to your guests. You have to think it through thoroughly, but your brain might not work in this pressure situation.

Numerous options

When you are serving guests, you might want to impress them, and you want to serve them something special. Now this special can be anything from Chinese to continental. Since there are so many options available you may not be able to decide what you are going to make and what your guests would like, maybe you like Chinese and you would prefer Chinese but you’re not sure whether your guests will like Chinese or not. You are really in the dilemma of what choice to make. In such a situation you can spin the wheel and get your choice done by the wheel.

Now that you know the different reasons why you can’t think straight and why you can’t come to make a decision let us look at the various things you can do to decide on what to cook.

Ask your guests

The most straightforward thing you can do when you can’t decide what to cook is simply ask your guest. You can call them and ask them what they would like to have for dinner. Guests can be humble sometimes and won’t like to order you to make something for them. If they help you decide what they would like to eat, then it’s Well and good but this won’t work every time because of the humbleness of your guests.

Their preferences

While looking for options you also need to keep in mind their eating preferences. whether they are vegetarian or they eat meat. you don’t want to serve chicken to a vegan guest. So to avoid this mistake make sure you have the background check done and then plan accordingly.

Diet and Allergies

While serving your guests you also need to be aware of whether they have any dietary restrictions or allergies to some food. make sure you don’t serve a sweet dish to a diabetic person or something which a guest is allergic to.

Let’s make a choice

Once you have this set you can start by preparing a list of the items that you can make to do so.

Check what ingredients and raw materials you have

Whether you have time to order the required ingredients or not

How long will it take to prepare the food and for your guest to arrive

What are the pre cooking preparations that you need to do?

Once you have the set you can go forward and make a list of the dishes that you can’t decide from. You can have a separate list for starters, main course, and dessert or you can have them in a single list.

To make a choice you need to assign a number to each of the following dishes. For example, if you have five options for the main course you need to assign a number from 1 to 5 to each of those dishes.

Once you are done, go to the random number generator and fill in the minimum and maximum number of options that you have. In the above-mentioned example put the minimum number as 1 and maximum as 5 and click on generate.

The random number generator will pick a random number from one to five. Suppose you land on a 3. Now for the main course you cook the dish which is mentioned in front of 3.

This not only helps you to make a quick decision but also helps you calm down since half of the pressure has been taken off thinking about what to cook.


The mind can work in mysterious ways, and you don’t know when it will be in your favour and when it won’t be. Random number pickers or random number generators can help you make decisions in such thick times where you are under pressure and not able to think clearly.

If you can calm yourself down and do a few breathing exercises and then think properly you can make a better decision but if it is still difficult for you to decide then you can always go for the random number generator.