Randomness is something that is done without giving it a thought. It does not involve any conscious behaviour or method. You don’t give it much attention and simply go with the first option, name, or number that comes to mind. It’s just a hunch that you get and go for the number that comes to your mind. That is the essence of randomness. If things are done consciously, giving it a proper thought, and analysing all the parameters attached to it, the answer is not random but a thoroughly calculated answer. It may not be the right answer but it’s definitely not random.

If you pick a number yourself, you may make a biased choice. But what if you had a system that would pick the number for you, that is totally unbiased and genuinely random

Now that you know what a random number is, and that no matter how hard you try you can’t really make a random choice, let’s look at the various applications where you can use the random number generator.

1. Lottery

Lotteries can be very appealing in nature. You never know when you might go lucky. The thrill of not knowing what comes next, whether you will win or not, or what this may mean to you is always amazing. Obviously, there is no guarantee of winning since the pick is always totally random, but you never know.

When it comes to choosing a number that you think can make you a millionaire, you have to give a lot of thought about it. You can use statistics and study the previous draws to get an idea of what kind of numbers come regularly. There is of course no guarantee about this, but its always better to go in with some probability than none at all.

Having said that, you can always use a random number generator and make it pick a lottery number for you. This way you can be lucky (beginner’s luck) and soon be a millionaire.

2. Giveaways

There are various giveaways and challenges that happen over social media, where a random comment or a random follower gets to win something. Now these giveaways are not sponsored and are done by the influencers or small business owners over Instagram and other social media platforms. This means the winner has to be honestly random and should not have any bias behind it.

Such activities and events make use of random number generators. They assign a number to each comment/follower and then randomly generate a number and declare the winner.

3. Activities

You have a gathering of friends and have a small party going on. You want to involve as many fun games and activities as you can to make them remember this day forever. To make the party fun, list down all the activities that you want to do with your friends. It can be any and every game and activity that you can think of and include it in your list.

Now, go random!

Assign a number to each game/activity and then randomly generate a number. Now you play the game that comes on the random number generator. You can also assign numbers to each participant and then decide who goes first.

This makes the activity super fun as nobody knows which game or which player gets to go next.

4. Sports

Various sports events where many teams are participating, and a simple coin toss cannot decide who goes first, then a random number generator can come in very handy. Simply assign a number to each team, generate a number, and decide the order.

5. Food

Ever happened, that you just had so many choices and options of food varieties that you can’t decide what to eat or in what order to eat? Suppose you have 10 items in your mind and are really confused as to what to order in for lunch. Well, give your brain some rest and put the random number generator at work.

You can also use this when you can’t decide what to cook for the guests coming over or what to serve them.

6. Studies

Exams are near, you have all the subjects lined up and can’t really decide what and where to start with. All the subjects are equally important, and you have spent 2 days thinking where to start from instead of actually starting. When you can’t decide or make a choice even after hours of thinking then the best choice is to go random.

You can assign numbers to your subjects, or even to chapters if you have already decided on the subject, then generate a random number and start studying.

7. Ideas

Are you an artist or a movie buff who cannot decide which painting to paint next or what movie to watch? Are you someone who has a lot of creative ideas in mind but can’t really make up your mind to pick up something and start? Well, here’s where the random number generator will solve your problem.

You know the drill. List down the ideas, assign a number to each of them, and generate a number!

Go start painting the idea that the number generator generated.


Random numbers can come in very handy when you are not sure what choice to go for. The random number generator can save quite a lot of time for you while making it fun. Be it studies, or games or going completely random like a lottery, random number generators come in handy in more ways than you can imagine.